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Urban Junkies

December 13, 2009

Urban Junkies is a daily e-magazine; need-to-know information that drops into our inbox every morning for free. They provide insider information about urban gems and new openings in cities around the world.

They announce things the day they happen. Whether it be an exhibition opening or a restaurant launch, a limited edition product release, or a secret sample sale, they find out what’s going on so we don’t have to.

Urban Junkies is made up of a team of experienced freelancers, trend forecasters, fashionistas, food lovers, art directors and graphic designers, who come together to add timely content and expertise from all areas of media and urban life.

Get your daily fix: Barcelona | London


‘Millennium Foundation’ launches MASSIVEGOOD

September 24, 2009


MASSIVEGOOD is powered by the Millennium Foundation for Innovative Finance for Health.

MASSIVEGOOD is a new global citizen solidarity movement aimed at saving lives by treating and fighting life-threatening diseases among the world’s most vulnerable populations.

This movement is based on voluntary micro-contributions (USD $2 or equivalent in other currencies) that people can add on top of their reservation ticket price each time they fly, book a hotel room or a rent a car.

Through these simple and inexpensive  acts relayed all around the world,  MASSIVEGOOD will enable citizens to play a major role in rebalancing the world. Indeed billions of travel products reservations are sold every year (including more than 2 billion air legs), representing an unprecedented fund-raising potential for individuals hardly seen before.

The technology solution for MASSIVEGOOD was developed by Amadeus and can be integrated into all GDS systems and embedded in the regular booking system for airline tickets and other travel reservations. As a result, MASSIVEGOOD will make it easy for everyone who travels to make their micro-contributions through a simple click each time they book their reservation, whether online or through an agent.

This is the first major fundraising initiative launched by the Millennium Foundation, whose mission is to mobilize new sources of innovative funding to achieve the three health-related Millennium Development Goals agreed to by the United Nations in 2000: to treat and fight life-threatening diseases, including HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis; to reduce childhood mortality; and to improve maternal health.


Lisbon Coast: Holidays & Corporate Housing

July 26, 2009

Oeiras is on the coast between Lisbon and Cascais, it is 15 minutes on the train to each side. The landscape is full of lighthouses and coast fortresses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The apartment is 15 minutes walk to the beach. It is a spacious fifth floor, charmingly decorated, with a spectacular terrace so as to enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean. Visitors may benefit from different leisure and sports facilities, such as the Maritime Walk (a seaside promenade) and the Poets Park (a vast green space). There is also an Oceanic Pool with a Marine with night bars and restaurants.

It is a haven for walkers and bikers!


Search more than 400 travel websites

February 14, 2008

Have it ever happen to you, wonder about which online travel agency or airline website will provide the best low-cost fare search results?

It just happened to me and my wife Raquel. We are considering to visit my good friend Eliana Solinas in Milan, flying from Nice. Now what? Where to start? It came to mind Expedia, easyJet (though I wasn’t sure whether they had flights between those destinations), and even visit Nice Cote D’Azur airport website to check the list of carriers. Finally, we also visited to make an hotel reservation for the weekend. In conclusion, we sought 4 websites to book a flight and hotel! Being that Milan is a very common destination… 

Today, just received an email from Raquel with a link and the following comment “Seems interesting… Love, RB”. Let’s check!


Does it ring any bell?

Now, trust me. You want to try this search engine! “We search across multiple websites at google style top-speed to within seconds give you an overview of the cheapest flights we can find.” Tempting, uh?

Momondo is a Danish initiative founded in 2006. They search across more than 400 travel websites simultaneously through the airline companies’ own websites plus on-line travel agencies.

They’re not an on-line travel agency but a mash-up platform, aggregating content from several different sources.

Momondo inspires you

You already know about flights. Now, get acquainted with their hotel search function “based on the same principle as the flight search engine. It searches more than 100.000 unique hotels worldwide across all categories from cheap hostels to the most expensive luxury hotels.”

Last, but definitely not least, you can find a great travel guide on their website.

Going back to our small trip to Milan, I guess Momondo just saved the day…

João C. Mendes