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December 13, 2009

Her name is Ana Bacalhau and she is old enough to realize that life isn’t as easy as it seems. Merrily unmarried, in love and out of love, born in Lisbon, she inhabits a ground floor apartment somewhere in the suburbs of the capital. She writes her own songs by peeking through the curtains of her window, drawing inspiration from the old gramophone records that once belonged to her grandmother and by the bizarre and strange life of her neighbours. She lives with 2 cats and a gold fish…

Deolinda is a project from Lisbon inspired by fado and its traditional roots in order to create original songs based on portuguese traditional and popular music. It came to life in 2006, by the hands of 4 young musicians with diverse musical backgrounds and experiences (such as classical music, jazz, ethnical and traditional music), searching to recreate a sound rooted in popular music through the crossing of different musical languages and musical research serving as a base for the group’s original compositions.

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October 12, 2009


Carminho is one of the strongest names of the new generation of Fado. A name with a history and a legacy of another great fado singer, that is Teresa Siqueira.

Carminho started to hear fado very early. The mother was the owner of “Taverna do Embuçado”, one of the houses of Fado with the best reputation that Lisbon had.

Now, she gives life to everything what she have heard. She has assimilated emotions, styles, life and poetry. Has an unmistakable style, a serious and melodic voice that makes everything and everyone “hypnotised”, to breathe, feel and hear her singing.


Lisbon Coast: Holidays & Corporate Housing

July 26, 2009

Oeiras is on the coast between Lisbon and Cascais, it is 15 minutes on the train to each side. The landscape is full of lighthouses and coast fortresses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The apartment is 15 minutes walk to the beach. It is a spacious fifth floor, charmingly decorated, with a spectacular terrace so as to enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean. Visitors may benefit from different leisure and sports facilities, such as the Maritime Walk (a seaside promenade) and the Poets Park (a vast green space). There is also an Oceanic Pool with a Marine with night bars and restaurants.

It is a haven for walkers and bikers!



July 25, 2009

A new store & a new style



Folclore, Portuguese fashion designers in Barcelona

Anabela Baldaque
Daniela Pais
Elisabeth Teixeira
Luis Buchinho


Ncontrast – Revista de Artes Visuais

February 15, 2008
permitir que diferentes tipos de leitores se encontrem no mesmo ponto de intersecção

Ncontrast. Conceitos Perpendiculares.

Um novo meio de promoção da cultura visual. Artes Plásticas, Arte Urbana, Design, Fotografia, Ilustração, Multimédia, Letras. Gratuita e bimensal. Um projecto português. Jovem. Eclético. Edição moderna, cosmopolita e global. 

A cerimónia de lançamento foi no dia 8 de Fevereiro na Fábrica de Braço de Prata em Lisboa.

Disponível no site o primeiro número. Saiba mais no blogue Ncontrast

Muitos Parabéns!

Capa Ncontrast

Capa do número #0 Etnias 

João C. Mendes