Fondation Maeght

February 16, 2008

During the visit of my dear friend Chloé last week, I finally took the opportunity to visit the Maeght Foundation. A remarkable initiative funded and conceived by Aimé and Marguerite Maeght in 1964 “to present modern and contemporary art in all its forms.”

The first French foundation exclusively dedicated to contemporary art is located on a peaceful scenario surrounded by nature in Saint Paul de Vence – where contemporary painters continue to keep the village’s artistic vocation alive.

«Once upon a time there was a handsome old stone village shaped like a boat. Its name in Provençal was Sant Paou.»
André Verdet

Confronted with one of the most impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphic works from the 20th century, we were delighted to walk around the Giacometti courtyard or the Miró labyrinth.

The Winter exhibition (24 November 2007 – 9 March 2008) is dedicated to Yan Pei Ming‘s previously unseen work, entitled Portraits d’artistes – a dialogue with Alberto Giacometti.

As once said by my Art professor Mrs. Eduarda Margarido: “I can assure that in the end of the exhibition you´ll be filled with wonder and delight.” Is she right, Chloé?

João C. Mendes


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